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Screen Magnifier

Screen Magnifier (Screen-shaped image magnifier) RMGF-1
Image magnifier for underwater use
Screen Magnifier RMGF-1 Normally, a magnifier works by making use of the difference between the refractive indexes of air and the lens (glass or acrylic) to enlarge an image. Underwater, however, the difference in the refractive indexes is much smaller, restricting the magnifying effect.

RGBlue has developed an image magnifier capable of providing similar magnification even underwater by applying the light condensing lens technology developed for the System01/System02 underwater lights.

The magnifier is shaped like a large 4-inch screen to assure optimal magnification of the image displayed on the camera’s LCD monitor.
Without Screen Magnifier
Without Screen Magnifier
With Screen Magnifier
With Screen Magnifier
Without Screen Magnifier arrow With Screen Magnifier
*The above comparison photos are not composite image but real photos.

Product contents

RMGF-1 Screen Magnifier
RMGF-1 Screen Magnifier Image

Product specifications

Lens Magnification 2X
Content Screen Magnifier, Grip, Fixing Screw, Protect Film x 2 pieces, Case, Coil Strap for Case
Material Lens/ Acrylic, Frame/ ABS resin, Case/ Neoprene
Weight 37 grams on land, 5 grams underwater. * Without the case and coil strap.