Get the best light underwater

  • SYSTEM01-3
  • SYSTEM02-2

Functionality and Design

  • Combining a powerful suite of reliability-oriented functions with stylish, ergonomic designs,  these lighting systems are optimized to handle the risks associated with diving and underwater shooting.
  • An original bayonet mechanism is provided so there is no need to worry about twisting an O-ring when two modules are connected.
  • A reliable recovery mechanism protects the light from water penetration and leaks.
  • A backup lighting mechanism prevents the light from going out if the battery runs out.

System Expandability

  • Various accessories are available to let you obtain maximum results with a minimum system.
  • Lenses, Snoot, and Blade to control the irradiation angle and distribution.
  • Optical Filters to adjust colors and amounts of light.
  • A variety of connection arms/adapters enable the system to be mounted on a shooting kit.
SYSTEM 01 Version 2

SYSTEM 01 Version 2/Upgraded standard model now offers even better performance

Optical spectrum

Winner of the 2013 Good Design Award, SYSTEM 01 has been upgraded to deliver even better performance than the original. Version 2 boasts a 20% increase in the lighting duration and a 10% increase in the light intensity.

Color temperature 5000K
Color rendering index Ra80
Continuous lighting period 1000lm/310min. to
Total flux 3000lm


SYSTEM 02/The longest lighting duration in its class

Optical spectrum

Having the same capabilities as the SYSTEM 01 and now the representative model among the RGBlue lineup, the SYSTEM 02 features a 2-hour continuous lighting period with high light intensity, which is the longest of its class.

Color temperature 5000K
Color rendering index Ra80
Continuous lighting period 1000lm/600min. to
Total flux 3000lm

SYSTEM 02 Version2 Premium Color

SYSTEM 02 Version2 Premium Color/High coloration performance using spectral tuning

Optical spectrum

In addition to a color rendering index of Ra95, which is the highest of any underwater lighting system, this model offers high coloration performance by tuning the spectra of the wavelength range absorbed by water. Equipped with the same large-capacity battery as the SYSTEM 02.

Color temperature 4200K
Color rendering index Ra95
Continuous lighting period 500lm/600min. to
Total flux 2200lm

Product features

High-quality COB (Chip On Board) LED
System Series models employ a single-source type COB (Chip On Board) LED. The COB LED emits light from a single plane, eliminating the problems that plague multi-LED light sources such as irregular light distribution from center to periphery, color irregularity, and the multi-shadow effect (*1).
*1: The multi-shadow effect refers to the generation of multiple shadows when a light source is composed of multiple LEDs.

COB (Chip On Board) LED

Clear shadow with System01

Multi-shadow (with ordinary LED light)

High-index color rendition and optimum color temperature ensure natural reproduction of underwater colors
The light emitted by System Series models achieves a high color rendering index of Ra80(*2)and a color temperature of 5000K(*3), making it possible to bring out the full, natural colors of objects underwater with a fidelity closely resembling that of colors produced under normal sunlight — something that has not been possible with high-power LED lights until now.
*2: The color rendering index expresses how closely the characteristics of a specific light match those of natural light (sunlight). The closer this figure approaches 100, the truer and more natural the color rendition.
*3: The color temperature represents the color of the light emitted by a light source. The color temperature is higher with colder colors and lower with warmer colors. The color temperature of sunlight is estimated to be between 5000K and 6500K.

Light emission with RGBlue System series

Light emission with ordinary LED light

Flat light distribution with 100° emission angle, top-level light intensity(*4), condenser lens for double illuminance(*5).
Flat light is distributed evenly throughout the emission angle of 100°, providing sufficient light for shooting movies, as well as for wide-angle shooting. While light intensity is already high enough to provide more than enough illuminance for most applications, it can be further increased by using a condenser lens that reduces the light distribution angle to 60°.
*4: 2200 lm with System 01 and 2500 lm with System 02, as of March 2014.
:5: Comparison of illuminance at a distance of 1 meter on the ground.

When condenser lens is mounted

Normal use: 100° light distribution

With condenser lens: 60° light distribution

Modularized system with one-touch connection/disconnection capability
Each underwater light consists of two modules — the light source (Light Module) and the power supply (Battery Module). An original bayonet mechanism allows the two modules to be easily connected and disconnected. This design offers users more flexibility, allowing them to keep multiple spare batteries on hand or to connect a System 01 module with a System 02 module.

Independent waterproofing for each module with recovery mechanism helps protect against water penetration and leaks
The inner lid of each module is provided with an IPX6(*6) equivalent waterproof mechanism. In addition, protection circuitry keeps the electrical contacts from corroding, preventing failure and ensuring safe, reliable underwater operation.
*6: equivalent waterproof mechanism. In addition, protection circuitry keeps the electrical contacts from corroding, preventing failure and ensuring safe, reliable underwater operation.
CAUTION: The modules cannot be connected or disconnected underwater.

Inner lid 1 (Light Module)

Inner lid 2 (Battery Module)

Simple operation, perfect safety mechanisms
Just two pushbuttons are all that's needed for intuitive control of the standby, ON/OFF, 4-step brightness control and non-step brightness control. Remaining battery power is indicated with a 4-color LED indicator.
Safety mechanisms cover a wide range of risk factors, and include a function that reduces light to minimum intensity when remaining battery power drops to 5% to prevent sudden light extinction when the battery powers down, as well as an overheat control, overcharge/over-discharge prevention, short-circuit protection, and over-pressure valve.

Designed for intuitive operation

Over-pressure valve

System series PC board