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Product Features

SYSTEM01 Version2  SYSTEM01-V2

SYSTEM01 Version2  SYSTEM01-V2


SYSTEM01 Version2  SYSTEM01-V2

<Provided accessories>

YS Adapter Set, Hand Grip 02, Condenser Lens, AC Adapter Charging Set, Maintenance Kit, Exclusive Case L



Light Module LM5K2500V  LM5K2500V


Battery Module BM3400B  BM3400B

Product Specifications

Emission angle 100° (60° with the condenser lens)
Color rendering index
Total luminous flux LED: 2700lm  Product output: 400 to 2500lm
LED indication Remaining battery: Blue (50% or more)→Purple→Yellow→Red (5% or less)
Error Red flashing
Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 3350mA/7.2V (24Wh)
Depth rating 100m, IPX8 (JIS Protection Class 8)
Dimensions Max. ø64.2 mm x 123.5 mm (without projections)
Weight 420g on land, 170g underwater
Materials & treatment Anticorrosive aluminum alloy/hard alumite, PC, optical glass/chemically strengthened glass
Continuous lighting period · 4-step brightness control continuous lighting period
OFF > 600lm/310min. > 1000lm/160min. > 1500lm/95min. > 2000lm/60min.
· Non-step brightness control continuous lighting period
400lm/550min. 2500lm/45min.
· The lighting periods are standard values when the fully charged BM3400B is used.
· When the LED indicator turns red (5% remaining power), output is automatically fixed at 400lm and light continues to be provided for about 1hour.


System01-2 Standard Accessoris

*Light module unit, Battery Module unit, Provided accessories are sold separately.

  • YSAN-01
    YS Adapter Set YSAN-01
    Adapter for mounting the light source on an arm. Can be attached to the accessory mounting plate.*
    * With an Allen wrench
  • CL60-49M
    Condenser Lens CL60-49M
    This lens condenses the emission angle from 100° to 60° to increase the luminance. The double structure of the optical lens and diffusion layer ensures flat light distribution without color irregularities. Combination with a filter is possible but that with another lens is not.
  • RGB-HG02
    Hand Grip 02 RGB-HG02
    Gun-grip type hand grip equipped with a clip mechanism for direct mounting on a BC.
  • ACBP-01
    AC Adapter Charging Set ACBP-01

    Includes an AC adapter and dedicated charging plug for recharging the Battery Module.

    The input is compatible with 100 to 240V AC. Three kinds of power plugs -types A, C, and BF- are available for international use.

  • RGB-MK01
    Maintenance Kit RGB-MK01
    Dedicated O-ring spare, O-ring remover, special silicone grease, and lintless cotton swab are included.
  • EC02
    Exclusive Case L EC02
    Case designed to accommodate the main modules, YS Adapter Set, Hand Grip 02, Condenser Lens, Maintenance Kit, and one optional filter.

Optional accessories

  • RGB-HG02
    Battery Module Cap RGB-CAP1
    During transportation, this cap protects the O-ring surfaces and contacts from dirt and also secures insulation. The bayonet mount facilitates secure attaching and detaching.
    Note: A waterproof function is not provided.
  • RGB-HG02
    Light Module Cap RGB-CAP2
    During transportation, this cap protects the O-ring surfaces and contacts from dirt and also secures insulation. The bayonet mount facilitates secure attaching and detaching.
    Note: A waterproof function is not provided.
  • RGB-SN01
    Snoot Kit RGB-SN01
    This adapter is used for pinpoint illumination of the subject while keeping the background dark. Three types of spotlights can be irradiated by combining the set components. This adapter is designed for combined use with the condenser lens provided as standard with the light system.
  • RGB-BLD1
    Adapter for the RGB-NS01 snoot kit.When mounted on the tip of theRGB-NS01, the light beam can be narrowed further for pinpoint illumination
  • RGB-BLD1
    Light Blade RGB-BLD1
    By cutting out part of the distributed light, the light blade reduces floating reflections for clearer illumination of the subject. Full 360° rotation capability allows the blade to facilitate more precise control of underwater light distribution.
  • RGB-SA01
    Searchlight Adapter RGB-SA01
    This adapter converges the emission angle from 100° to 30° using an exclusive optical lens. This allows the underwater light to be used as a searchlight capable of illuminating at a far distance. The adapter is made of silicon rubber for easy underwater mounting/dismounting and provided with a loss-prevention screw. Combined use with a filter or another lens is not possible.
  • RF01-49M
    Red Filter RF01-49M
    This optical filter is designed to illuminate living bodies that react to light. The filter can be used in combination with the condenser lens or another filter.
  • ND2-49M
    ND Filter (1/2) ND2-49M
    When the underwater light is too bright even at the minimum light intensity, this filter can be used to halve the intensity. Combined use with the condenser lens or another filter is possible.
  • CCF6-49M
    Color Temperature Converter Filter (6000K) CCF6-49M
    This filter converts the color temperature of the light source from 5000K to 6000K when you want to enhance the whitish color tone in your photography. Combined use with the condenser lens or another filter is possible.
  • RGB-DMB1
    Double Mount Base RGB-DMB1
    Two underwater lights can be mounted on this base. The INON S2000 strobe can also be mounted. This product is designed for combined use with the YS adapter or ball adapter.
  • RGB-GA01
    GoPro® Adapter RGB-GA01
    This adapter allows the GoPro® to be mounted directly on the underwater light. A compact photography kit can be formed in combination with the Hand Grip 01.
  • RGB-HG01
    Hand Grip 01 RGB-HG01
    When combined with the YS adapter provided as standard, this grip makes it possible to change the angle of the product as desired. It is particularly useful when combined with the GoPro® adapter.
  • RGB-RSA2
    Rotary Shoe Adapter RGB-RSA2
    This adapter is used to clamp the underwater light on the shoe base of a camera housing. It can rotate a full 360°. The shape and dimensions of the dial knob have been modified to make it easier to attach or detach. A rubber section has been added to reduce rattling.
    YS Extension RGB-YSEX1
    When combined with an underwater light such as the Rotary Shoe Adapter 2* or SYSTEM 01, the working range can be expanded, giving you more lighting options.
    * This accessory can also be combined with the previous Rotary Shoe Adapter.
  • RGB-BA01
    Ball Adapter RGB-BA01
    This adapter is used to connect the product to a commercially available arm clamp.
  • RGB-RC01
    Optical Connection Remote Controller RGB-RC01
    Controls up to two SYSTEM01/02 units through commercially available optical fiber cables (compliant to the SEA&SEA or OLYMPUS standard). Provided with an arm connection stay/screws and the brightness control, two-light switching and low battery alarm functions, and powered by a single "AA"-size battery.
  • RGB-MC01
    Memory Card Case RGB-MC01
    This weather-proof memory card case can hold up to 6 microSD, 6 SD, and 3 CF cards.
  • RGB-MAT1
    Maintenance Mat RGB-MAT1
    Measuring 40 x 50 cm and made of neoprene, this mat provides an excellent base for setting up your photographic equipment.

*Specifications may be subject to change without notice.
*GoPro® is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.